Last chance

We are about to entry a path with no return. A cold walk to the end of an era.

Soon you will receive your reports so you can start your useless investigation.


Your Instinct brought you here… and here you can turn around and go back to your normal life. But of course you are thinking: “I am not turning back”… Very brave! And with every act of courage comes a lethal dose of stupidity. So hear my advice: Don’t go any further if you are not ready to face your worst. 


This is not a game. This is real. I promise the blood will be real.


I am more than a man, I am your shiver. I hold the dark when light find it space.


If you continue… I see you at my chair. 



4 Responses to “Last chance”

  1. Rafael K Says:

    Jack,you threats are like a invite to me.
    I want to see more then the day is showing me.I want to face you,i will face you.We see our Wrost and our best avery day in litlle actions.
    Now i say to you.Sure you don´t want to come back Jack?When you cross the enemy´s line there will be no turning back for you too.Be ready for us.I´m ready for you.
    I take as my mission stop you.We areld stop you one time,we will do this again.

  2. Asgia Iocram Says:

    ok ok ok

    so… i’m quit!

    nice try jack…
    i’m still watching your steps…
    so be carefull…

    bye bye… dead tiger

  3. Now becoming hot!!
    Waiting for you, Jack!

  4. It’s required that if you’re to move into this
    evolutionary kingdom that you leave behind everything
    of human ways, human behavior, human ignorance, human misinformation.

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