Yes… the day is getting closer and closer. The day when you will be sitting in my chair, inside my temple, listening to my words, fearing the next move is near.

I can almost hear your weak voice begging for another breath. I want to feel your eyes staring right through mine.


I am alive, I am not one. I am many.

In the end, the clever ones will come for me, knocking at my door.


I will be there…


7 Responses to “D-Day”

  1. Rafael K Says:

    be care with your words,the future don´t belongs to you.Maybe you are sittig in someone´s chair.Carefull Jack

    I had somethings in commom,i too want to look deep trough your eyes and you not be tears what you will see in my.

    I´m alive, i´m one and a i not afraid

    • I would LOVE to do the things that you say in your storys. I would love to make people suffer and cry and beg for mercy and watch the terror in they’re eyes. I have 1 main person i would love to torture and kill, and i am capable of doing it. The worse thing i have done so far is stab someone in they’re eyes but then again i am still young and have a long way to go but i will get they’re shortly

  2. Look at a mirror, Jack, to see through your eyes your tear soul… and to rue!
    If not, prepare for the moment which we will knocking at your door to put an end to you! Remember: NO EVIL LIVED! (and not devil live on!)

  3. The day is comming and I’m waiting for someone or something to knock at my door!

  4. Asgia Iocram Says:


    ops! sorry… did you said something?


  5. Asgia Iocram Says:

    oh oh oh

    i forget!

    waiting… this is so…. boring!

  6. knock, knock…

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