Sheep and Timber Wolf

I have a question:

Who are you?

I mean… who is actually living inside you? Not the person you show to your friends, your family… Who are you when you find yourself alone and pure. The one that only you recognize and you try so hard not to show.

You know exactly what i am talking about. After all your masks falls and what is left is your naked soul, I ask you again:

Are you a sheep or a timber wolf?







What ever you think you are, prepare to face a Tiger.

6 Responses to “Sheep and Timber Wolf”

  1. Rafael K Says:

    Who am i?goof question.I ask me this many and many times,but this is question for a life.
    But you can try so hard not to show who you are,maybe you have shame of you.But nome me Jack,i try to discover who i am and i try to be myself.

    So c´mon Jack,and discover try to discover who i am,if can deal with me.

    See you soon

  2. More a timber wolf than a sheep. But I guess i’m some kind of fish who lives deep inside an ocean, using my bioluminescence to atract those who’ll be my victim. Who are you Jack?

  3. Welll… I’m so many things, Jack… and all of my souls are wainting for your Tiger… see ya!

  4. Asgia Iocram Says:

    hello again jack

    this is a really interesting question
    who am i?

    i am a humam
    i think
    i breath

    yes i have a lot of masks over my face, but my masks never falls for unknows… so tell me who you are, tell me your reasons… and i will show you who i really am…

    to finish
    this are my last words to you, for now
    try to get the eagle in the sky, weak tiger… i am not a sheep!

    and soon you will be a dead tiger

  5. Well…. Good question…

    if you´re a tiger…I´m a lion. So let´s fight…

  6. Neither and both at the same time. At the end of the day, when I’m alone, I’m what people would see as “filth”. It’s as simple as that.

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