How you die

It’s time to see how you die. I call it “The Screwdriver Effect”.

I am writing here the words you are going to listen and feel really soon. So when I put my hands around your neck, your death should be which will least surprises you.

Here we go:

Do you know what happens if I put this machine through your ear? As you loose a lot of blood, your heart will start beating really fast. Your mouth will get drier and drier. Your skin will look pale as cotton tainted by your own blood… and you will start sweating… cold… like little drops of hell emerging from your now desoriented body…

Can’t wait to say this words to you…

6 Responses to “How you die”

  1. Natália Says:

    Can’t wait to hear this words from you.

  2. Rafael K Says:

    You talking too much Jack.This´s anger in your words show that you are losing control.
    How you fell knowing that now you are the hunt too?
    We see Jack.

  3. Ooooww, now become good!!! Did you lose your control, Jack? You remember me a dog… like “barking dogs do not bite”. Really want to do this? So DO! You ‘ll only try… but you never get success… you know why? Because you are a loser!
    So, Jack, I’m waiting! Ah, you side-stepped about the question of how you living/die… why? Tell us, Jack! It will explain your thirst of blood? Answer this like… “the last wish” of a victim, if you had rather.

  4. Gimme a chance to feel the taste of a new life.

  5. Asgia Iocram Says:

    we are pushing you too much?
    i think someone is loosing the control…
    i really can’t wait to hear this words from you…

    but before… can you explain to me how you died? how you lived? how you think? i need to know!

    and a few words from a friend to you… STOP TALKING AND DO SOMETHING!

  6. Well, well, well…look who´s freaking out now ahn!

    ok…Let me guess… you´re feelin´ surrounded by many people that you may not like….

    ok…wake up…this is fucking life!

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