See what I see

Here is my temple.

It is useless to make your eyes see what I see. It is useless to take your hands so we can cross this river together…maybe in another life. But I am sure some of you will have the pleasure to die here.

Yes, I am what you may call a killer, a taker of lives, a timber wolf. But I like to think of me as a giver.

A question always intrigued me. Am I killing you or are you dying?

And after all those killings and dyings, I figure that none is happening. The mind of who asks the question is actually dying and killing. But how could a mind be dying or killing if none is happening?

 I stopped asking questions… God is in the rain.

4 Responses to “See what I see”

  1. Rafael K Says:

    So Jack,
    You say you are a giver.A giver of what?freedom?peace?
    So ask me one thing.Who will give you that peace.

    The Clown make the people smile,but no one care´s when he cry.

  2. God is in my fingers
    God is in my head
    God is in the trigger
    God is in the lead

  3. So, you think killing you give a “gift” for the death person? And if this person have the peace or happiness in life? It’s fair?
    And who you think you are to decide the life and death of anyones here? The life is so relative, we can die in live, or nothing more than kill ourselves… but we can live and live this life! And why YOU will finish with this life?
    Life is a miracle… think about it.

  4. Asgia Iocram Says:

    this are my first words to you jack…
    I am trying to understand your mind… your reasons to do what you do…
    let’s play this game… i want to play with you… i need… just need…

    when you kill anyone, the human die…
    but when he dies… you dont kill him… why?
    and when you hurt a person to kill… yes you kill! and yes the person dies! at the same time!
    incredible don’t?
    so… you are killing persons… and they are dying…because of you…

    the death will take from you, what you take from others
    i watch your steps
    its your turn

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