First things first

I used to live under an alias, but at some point of my life I had to overcome some obstacles… I had to breakthrough. So here I am, this lethal weapon, a destructive device as you may say just like you by the way… I’m part of the system that tries to break this fragile state of peace. But the time will come, like the inevitable nightfall, it will come and you will realize how free you are! You will realize you are not free enough. But I will save it for latter, let say will be my shocking deathbed confession. Said and done…

5 Responses to “First things first”

  1. Rafael K Says:

    Hello Jack,
    I´m one of the guys what interfere in your plans of the last time.But what i really want is undertand your mind.
    So, what you really want?Maybe you have good intentions but think that the end justified the mean.

    C´mon Jack, i am ready to cross the enemy´s line.

  2. Natália Says:


  3. So, you come back! I’m glad to see your blog! “Welcome to the jumgle”, my friend! The pieces of chess are on the board. Let’s start the game.

  4. Hello, Jack. How are you?

    It´s good to know that you´re still free… for a while. We´ve already frustraded your plans once and at this time it won´t be different. You may think whatever you want to, you may think you´re smater than all of us together. But now we know what´s on your mind, and you know what´s on ours as well.

    Your advantage is over, my friend.

  5. Hey, look who’s back!

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